Demands on forklift trucks are constantly increasing – productivity is steadily on the rise requiring higher load capacities, greater speed and improved ergonomics as well as longer working hours. Maintenance and costly downtime must be kept to a minimum. Wheels and castors play an important role in forklift efficiency. To meet the growing requirements of forklift manufacturers and end users, we are constantly improving our existing wheels and tread materials as well as designing and developing new products.

Before launching new wheels and tread materials, they undergo thorough testing – first on our test stand and later also in extensive field tests in challenging dynamic applications. In 2004 we put a new drum test stand into operation to validate and further improve the high quality level of our products. With this test stand, dynamic tests according to DIN EN 12527, 12530 – 12533 can be carried out on wheels with diameters up to 500 mm and widths up to 300 mm.

RAEDER-VOGEL computer-controlled test stand

Further details:

• drum diameter 2200 mm
• test speeds of 2 km/h – 30 km/h
• runs forward and backward
• tests with and without thresholds up to a test load of 70 kN
• parallel testing of two wheels on two opposite, individually controlled stations
• simulation of steering motions and axle inclinations of ± 10º.

All testing options are controlled, monitored and analysed. During the test, all relevant data such as load, speed, deflection, rolling resistance, tread and core temperatures of the wheel can be recorded.

Moreover we are able to carry out:

RAEDER-VOGEL – Wheels and castors

• endurance tests in 24 hours operation
• tests with predetermined load increases to determine the max. load capacity, failure behaviour etc.
• individually programmed driving tests according to the field of application
• modifications of the testing parameters (speed, load, inclination, angle of lock) during testing.

Our latest innovation is VULKODYN® – a novel polyurethane based on DESMODUR® 15 by BAYER AG, Leverkusen for fast moving dynamic applications with high loads. The hydrolysis resistant, non-marking material with a shore hardness of 94° A has excellent chemical and mechanical properties and an increased load capacity compared to other high-quality polyurethanes, even higher than VULKOLLAN®. It is therefore ideally suited for use with forklift trucks in distribution centres, also in warm and humid climates.